Affordable Online Yoga Sessions

7 am - Monday to Friday


These classes are a complete package for overall body and mind growth.

In these sessions we cover the following Asana, Pranayama (breathing exercises) & Awareness techniques / meditation 

These sessions primarily focus on overall health of body and mind. 

Through asanas we take care of joint stability, strength,  mobility, flexibility and movement patterns. And through Pranayama and awareness techniques we work on improving our breathing pattern and lung capacity along with relaxing the mind and increasing the focus.

Every session is very different.

One session

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Flexible days

Rs 350/- per session

Weekly 2-days

Flexible days

8 sessions monthly

Rs 2000/- per month

Weekly 3-days

Flexible days

12 sessions monthly

Rs 2500/- per month

Weekly 5-days

Flexible days

20 sessions monthly

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Rs 4000/- per month

India +91-9975059574 | Singapore +65-85915080

India -  Viman Nagar, Pune, India 411014

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